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FortuneChip Technology Co., Ltd. is located in KunShan, is a famous excellent distributor of electronic components, a number of domestic terminal factories designated suppliers, in Shenzhen and other electronic markets with offices and branches, in the field of integrated circuits for more than 20 years, has a profound technical foundation and rich industry experience, adhere to innovation-driven, continue to provide satisfactory products for the market. The company is committed to the research and development of ultra-low power simulation technology in the fields of heart rate blood oxygen sensor and ambient light sensor, while mastering two technologies of photoelectric signal processing and analog signal algorithm processing, and is good at simulating tiny optical / electrical signal processing in ultra-low power consumption under the condition of ultra-low power consumption. this technology can be widely used in various chips at the sensing end in the era of the Internet of things. Product applications: 5G communications, locomotives and ships, medical devices, communication equipment, industrial automation, media players, data processing and storage. Involved in various electronic industries, after more than ten years of accumulation, the company's dominant brand sales have achieved the top 100 in the industry, accumulated very rich original factory channels and OEM resources, each of our chips come from the original factory, we do not produce chips, we are just porters of the original factory, and committed to creating integrity and win-win components trading platform, convenience and speed" and strives to become a world-famous mixed supplier of IC.
Company profile
Company honor
  • 2021
    Selected high-tech zone enterprise certification won the 16th "China Core" Core Fire Outstanding Product Award
  • 2020
    Rated as Hebei Integrated Circuit Design Enterprise
  • 2019
    Member of IC Industry Association and Chengdu High-tech Zone IC Industry Co-governance Council
  • 2018
    Chairman of the Internet of things Industry Development Alliance
  • 2016
    Selected into the Ministry of Science and Technology into the warehouse of science and technology enterprises
  • 2015
    Appraised as a national high-tech enterprise
  • 2012
    The ultra-low power PPG smart sensor project won the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2012 and successfully entered the national electronic information industry finals and won the honor of "excellent Enterprise".
The course of development
  • R & F Technology
    R & F Technology, founded in March 2012, was co-founded by Lei Jun and other investment and Internet industry veterans, with Lei Jun as chairman and Xu Dalai as CEO. Manage two.
  • Xianglong consultation
    Panjie Investment is a private equity firm specializing in the field of high-tech emerging technology, focusing on innovative technology-led, breakthrough and revolutionary emerging information technology companies.
  • Microparticle technology
    Yunmu Capital, founded in 2018, is committed to serving excellent entrepreneurs, accompany enterprises to grow together, create long-term value for enterprises, and provide long-term business for financial advisers and equity investment.